Melstacorp ranked No. 07 in the business today ‘Top Thirty’

Melstacorp is a diversified investment company having significant investments in several public listed companies and in several other companies which have not been listed as yet. 

As the results of Melstacorp also incorporates the results of other subsidiaries some of which are public listed they are not eligible to be considered in the TOP 30 rankings not-with-standing the excellent performance of these companies. Therefore, I need to acknowledge the significant contribution made by two public listed companies which are subsidiaries of Melstacorp namely DCSL and Aitken Spence which have hither-to be always listed in the top 30 rankings of BT Options. 

Melstacorp ’s diversity has enabled the company to with-stand many challenges during the last financial year 2018 as the results of the stronger companies compensated for the adverse performance of certain companies who were operating under difficult circumstances.

Going forward we are confident that with political stability being re-established and business confidence increasing the environment will be conducive for a rapid growth in most sectors. 

I take this opportunity to thank BT Options for hosting this ceremony for several decades, which has become the most coveted business recognition in Sri Lanka.